ScanPay mobile wallet – a secure mobile wallet solution that gives users control over the paying experience and the ability to track spending.


ScanPay is a secure mobile wallet payment solution for the masses. It enables users to pay for goods and services with a smartphone, replacing the need for physical cash, credit card, and checkbook. Yes – doing away with bulky and disorganized billfold wallets.

ScanPay is a mobile payment that is simple to use and manage. It can manage all your credit cards, bank accounts, rewards cards, loyalty club memberships and gift cards and allows users a secure, convenient and efficient way to use them to pay.

ScanPay gives users control of the paying experience. ScanPay allows users to scan QR code and other widely adopted codes and let users select the payment sources in the wallet to pay. ScanPay supports existing and emerging contactless payment solutions. As contactless payment systems become readily available and widely adopted, ScanPay users are ready for it. ScanPay can scan and detect nearby NFC enable devices and establish communication to transmit payment information.

Simply put, ScanPay is a user focus mobile wallet for the masses that allows users to take charge of the paying experience.


Paying Effortlessly

Merchants can place a Scanpay QR Code anywhere – on a receipt, in emailed PDF bills, printed invoices, or online billing statements to accept payments.

Scanpay users can scan the QR Code and make secure payments. A Win-Win solution for the merchants and the users. Scanpay merchants can receive quick secure payments anytime. And, Scanpay users can make secure payments anytime and anywhere by scanning a Scanpay QR Code -- effortlessly paying for goods and services.